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IE Business Center offers a flexible cost-effective alternative to traditional office space. Instead of signing a lease, pay as you go each month for everything you need to run a business including  facilities

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Our aim is to make running your business easier. Impress clients and colleagues by entertaining them in professional meeting spaces, brainstorm in less formal surroundings, get down to work on your laptop or take time for a break with something nice from our trendy café, all at a prime business location.

Co-working space is office space you share with others, with infrastructure and services like high-speed internet already set up. This makes it much more affordable than traditional office space.

Our co-working facilities provide an ideal combination of private booths – where you can focus on your work – and comfortable open areas for collaborating with others or relaxing. All our members also have access to on-site meeting rooms.

You simply choose a package based on how many hours a month you need access to our coworking facilities. Pay by the month, as you go.

This will give you everything you need to run your business or get your work done, including:

  • a business address in a sought-after location
  • use of a stylish but comfortable work environment, including meeting rooms
  • high-speed fibre internet connection
  • tea and coffee facilities
  • a range of on-site business services, including full reception and printing

Co-working is ideal for independent professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors and students.

It’s also rapidly becoming popular with larger companies, which are recognising coworking as an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional office space.

Co-working is more affordable and more flexible than traditional office space. There are no office set-up or maintenance costs (or delays), and there’s no need to sign a long lease – simply move in and pay as you go on a month-by-month basis.

Many of our members also find that co-working is less isolating than working at home or in small traditional offices. It facilitates networking and collaboration.

Our co-working spaces are meeting the needs of a changing workforce. They provide the ideal mix of affordability, private spaces, open areas ideal for networking and creative interaction and fast, reliable connectivity.

Flexibility and affordability

Because common spaces and facilities in a co-working space are shared, the costs are a fraction of those associated with setting up and running a traditional office.

With co-working, you don’t have to pay for space, infrastructure and services (like meeting rooms and high-speed internet) that you don’t use all the time. Just pay as you go each month for everything you need to conduct your business.

Collaboration and networking

We understand the importance of collaboration and networking for independent business people and entrepreneurs. This is why our co-working spaces are designed to facilitate interaction, both in comfortable open areas and in more formal meeting rooms. You’ll have private space when you need it, but you’ll also find it easy to meet and engage with others.

Sophistication and comfort

We’re proud of our co-working spaces, which combine elegant interior design with cutting-edge technology and optimal comfort.

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Full reception service

Our friendly manager will greet your visitors and forward your calls for free

Free fibre internet and WiFi

Free high speed fibre internet and WiFi access

Open plan areas

Comfortable open-plan areas for collaborating, bouncing ideas around, socialising or relaxing

Meeting rooms

Access to professionally appointed meeting rooms

Telephone line rental

Telephone line rental is available at an additional cost

Tea and coffee

Kitchenette with coffee and tea making facilities


Access to boardrooms with video conferencing and projector facilities

Cleaning services

Free weekly cleaning services and daily bin emptying

Secure parking

Secure parking for clients and visitors


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