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Due to different financial and business growth levels every business pass through before reaching their next level of success, every businessman needs the support, inspiration, understanding and most importantly the environment that align to its business success.

In today’s fast-changing times businesses needs to focus on three key principles:

  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Building a great team

With the launch of the IE Business Center, it will be giving businesses the opportunity to grow in a business environment that will support their vision. Whether physical, virtual, or permanent or just a place to hold their meetings and other appointments.

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The vision of the IE Business Center is for it to be an up class, fully furnished office rental phenomenon. The office building space will consist of three professional, new age technology and beautifully setup boardrooms which are convertible to training centres that aim to improve training results through its exquisite, new era technology facilities. It will also consist of professional, business motivating, and modern offices divided into part-time rentals and full-time rentals and topped off with three popular restaurant franchises and an inspirational IE Business Café that will be serving light meals and coffee for business-minded individuals who want to work or just have calm, social feel business discussions.


What Our Clients Say

Our clients find the offices and work spaces airy, clean and conducive to a friendly productive working environment.

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Michelle P.
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John J.
" Aptent mus quisque porttitor convallis tempora eaque blandit phasellus perspiciatis lectus, exercitationem."
Smith T.
Premium Virtual office solutions affording you a prestigious business address in the heart of Welkom. Our professional receptionist will provide your business with a personalised telephone answering service it deserves.
Modern and furnished executive offices situated in the heart of Welkom. Complement your business with a prestigious corporate infrastructure of exclusive amenities and design-led working environments.
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At IE Business Center you can enjoy the buzz of co-working space
or create your own fully serviced office environment.


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