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The IE International Group of companies has almost every sector of company management and success covered, and we are not only covering external companies, but also running our own companies under these same services.

IE Business Center Welkom is also founded and managed by Johnny Eliades who has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 13 years.

The IE Business Center Welkom is a great business opportunity. It is an inspirational solution to businesses of large scale and those of small scales in need of growth. We envision greatness in the future of the IE Business Center.

The vision and mission for the entire IE International Group remains the same and respected throughout the group of companies:

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To serve people and their organisations so that they may realize by tapping into their inner strength that they may exceed all their expectations and live the life of their dreams.

We do this by: Inspiring, leading and coaching people so that they may make decisions and take action to follow through on those decisions and challenges on a daily basis.

We build great businesses by empowering people, so that we can produce success stories that impact the world in order to create a world of new possibilities.


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